Family Magic Show

Our main show is designed with the entire family in mind, ensuring that every member of the audience has an enjoyable and engaging experience. We understand that younger children may have shorter attention spans, so we incorporate a lot of interaction into our show to keep them engaged and entertained throughout. Dmitry is skilled at reading the room and adjusting his performance to cater to the different age groups present in the audience.

Parents will also have a great time watching their children have fun, and will even have a chance to get involved themselves. There will be plenty of opportunities for parents to snap pictures or take videos of their children enjoying the show.

When it comes to birthday parties, we know how important it is to make the birthday child feel special. That's why we make sure to involve them in the show, whether it's by making them the star of a trick or having them help out with a special magic effect. We'll work with you to make sure that your child's birthday is a magical one that they will never forget.

Little Extras

Balloon animals

Very popular option for children of all ages. To save time for your party, we usually twist all the balloons before the show and shower the kids with multicolored balloons at the end. Of course, we will be able to twist more after the show if someone really wants that blue doggy, or green T-Rex.

Face painting

What better way to add fun to your child's Birthday party than to turn everyone into a superhero, or a pony, or a zombie, or... anything they can imagine. Our professional face painter is yet to face a challenge (no pun intended), so be creative with your requests! Face painting is quite a lengthy process if there are a lot of kids, so plan your party accordingly. We usually start painting an hour before the Magic show.

Adult Magic Show

Leave the kids at home, get a babysitter or let grandma have her fun for a day. This show is geared toward adult audiences. Inject some mystery and humor in your next birthday, anniversary or corporate event. Serious magic, playing cards and mind reading. All this is performed with a lot of humor and guaranteed to entertain your friends and family.

About Dmitry

Dmitry is no stranger to comedy and stage. He started many years ago as a part of a Russian comedy theatre (KVN). When this wasn't enough, he went to study improv and stand-up at The Second City training centre in Toronto. He has been a regular MC for the Regional and National yo-yo competitions (yes, there are yo-yo competitions). And finally, everything came together when he decided to start performing magic. His mix of magic and improv comedy makes the show very unique, funny and entertaining for audiences of all ages. Dmitry is a proud Ravenclaw.

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